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Beach Osteopathy

Beach Osteopathy

Beach osteopathy at Beach Integrated Health Clinic is basically a set of principles that go back to the pre-1900s era, during the time of the American Civil War. Essentially, osteopathy is a way of treating the body without using medication, or osteopathy can be used in conjunction with medication for optimal health benefits.

What Does Osteopathy Do?

Osteopathy, in part, seeks to restore the circulation to an area of the body through movement, which can actually help that part of the body heal itself better and faster. Think of it in the same way as a cut on your hand will naturally heal itself - there are also certain mechanisms in the body which promote self-healing.

The problem that a lot of people have is that there are sometimes barriers to recovery. This means that recovery or natural healing is not taking place as it should. It is an osteopath's job to get in there, so to speak, and help the body through movements to naturally begin to remove the impediments to healing so that the body can heal properly. That's the main role of an osteopath.

How do We Do that at Beach Integrated Health Clinic?

For the best Beach osteopathy, our clinic takes the most basic duties and functions of osteopathy to the next level using bits and pieces of technology to:

1. Reduce the amount of pressure on the spine

A lot of back problems are from compression, so we work to stretch out the spine in a more effective way, and this helps with circulation to the lower back and the same in the neck.

2. Make sure the vertebrae aren't stiff and stuck

This involves moving such vertebrae so that they begin to move and function properly. This is very different from "putting the bone back." No osteopaths ever do this.

3. Improve the direct circulation in the lower back

Using a cause and effect treatment, we can improve circulation, and at the same time, significantly improve the speed in which the body begins to heal itself.

Beach Integrated Health Clinic Brings Osteopathy into the 21st Century

Osteopathy has come a long way since the 1800s, and Beach osteopathy has made bounds and leaps ever since Beach Integrated Health Clinic has come on the scene. With the use of technology and the use of some of the best equipment and available, we are able to stimulate healing in a very non-invasive way. This helps the body to get better faster and for the healing to last longer.

We Offer Corrective and Preventative Beach Osteopathy Services

The final part of osteopathy is understanding, for example, why you slipped a disk in the first place. We look at the posture and other factors to make sure not only that you are able to heal from this episode but also avoid the chance of future episodes reoccurring so that your body will be stronger, your posture will be better, and you are in an overall much healthier and safer place.

Beach Osteopathy
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