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Healthcare Educators Providing Virtual Assistance


Patients are handed a stack of papers when they leave their healthcare providers. There is often a lack of understanding what to do next when they get home. This is where Virtual Healing, Inc. can bridge the gap. Our Healthcare Educators are Registered Nurses who are experienced in understanding, coordinating, and directing the individual’s healthcare plans. We will respond to all inquiries virtually, using HIPAA compliant internet access, videos, and telephone. Our role is to listen and to help resolve any health related concerns.

Your Dependable Advocate

The team at Virtual Healing works with all medical parties involved to promote the best interest of the patient in an effort to coordinate their care.

These include:

  • Pharmacists

  • Physicians

  • Home Health Agencies

  • Social Workers

  • Ministers

  • Mental Health Therapists

  • Wellness Coaches

  • Hospice

  • Families



A problem in our society is the large number of prescription medicines acquired as we seek medical advice from a variety of specialists. Medications need to be taken properly, as prescribed, for optimal control of disease or illness. We want to answer questions and teach about medications and the conditions they treat. If something unusual or outside the norm becomes apparent, we will direct clients to their pharmacist or physician for further clarification.

Senior Care Advice

Solving the infinite number of questions and concerns facing the elderly is our goal. Encouraging independence, emphasizing safety precautions, and offering ideas to have a more enriching experience with our seniors is the desired outcome. 


Behavioral Health Concerns

Being available for people with depression, anxiety, dependency or any mental health challenge is our priority. We provide resources, referrals, and support to help individuals get through a crisis.

Weight Management

Research shows being overweight leads to hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other illnesses. We have certified health coaches who will help you reach your goal using a proven program incorporating meal planning and support. Call for details.


Educate Engage Improve

Holistic Support

We consider the whole picture: Mental, Social, Spiritual, and Physical aspects to improve health. 

Baseline Vital Signs

 Knowing our blood pressure, heart rate, and weight keeps us informed of changes we may need to make.

Prevent Complications

Pneumonia, infections, and blood clots are potential problems, both during and after hospitalization. We offer suggestions to help prevent setbacks and speed up the healing process!

Worsening Symptoms

Our staff is always listening for warning signs, ready to make urgent care or emergency referrals as needed.


We connect with you virtually using phone, video, and email.  We stay up to date with current technology to maintain HIPAA protection.  

PAINFREE Template (Coming Soon)

An added resource to empower families and friends of the hospitalized patient.

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