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Virtual Healing’s Healthcare Educators


Post Discharge Services

What We Do

Virtual Healing, Inc., is an online and phone-based service to help people with their healthcare needs. Our mission is to offer education and guidance for quick recovery following surgical procedures, illnesses, or trauma. We are staffed with experienced Registered Nurses who use a holistic approach in assessing and supporting one's overall health.

These areas include:

  • Coordinating Care
  • Communicating with healthcare providers
  • Reviewing Medications
  • Preventing Infections
  • Preventing falls
  • Encouraging healthier lifestyle choices
  • Addressing unresolved issues
  • Engaging patients and families
  • Improving patient outcome and satisfaction

During a hospital stay there is much activity with the number of staff coming and going. Mistakes and mishaps can happen. We offer suggestions that will reduce potential errors and infections, as well as boost the immune system.


Just got home from the Ambulatory Surgery Center, Hospital, or Extended Rehab facility and wonder what to do next?  We will review your discharge orders, explain in layman’s terms what the physician has written, offer tips for speedy recovery, and assess at-home needs.   

Medical Maze

Managing our healthcare system is a challenge. The team at Virtual Healing will assist with navigating the system while keeping you on track with current or pending tests.


Resources and Education will be recommended to further your understanding of your current medical condition(s).  Encouraging families to participate will aid with comprehension and recovery.

Click on the book cover to order your copy!


Maureen has recently published a handbook to help families and caregivers become an active part of the healthcare team during hospitalization. The information is a hands-on-guide to help deter and prevent hospital errors, infections, and falls.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is causing a significant increase in hospital stays. The easy to read valuable material encourages patient-centered care concept. Whether you are a family member, nurse, or caregiver, you will learn how to be an active participant during a transition of recovery.

Vision Statement

Helping People Achieve their Optimal Level of Health.

Patient Centered Care
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